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Sensing and pursuing opportunity

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I am excited to announce the launch of Sensyan, a boutique advisory firm focused on the growing Armenian tech market. Armenia’s reputation as a tech destination has grown steadily over the past few years, and is drawing the attention of tech firms and investors from around the world. The quality of the local talent, attractive salary levels, ease of establishing business entities, growing number of successful startups and the vibrant social scene in the capital Yerevan and beyond all contribute to this increased interest. At the same time, many existing and potential investors face challenges in realizing time-to-value expectations underlying their investment decisions. Sensyan is dedicated to improving the return on investment in the Armenian tech scene, and to helping Armenian start-ups achieve their objectives and potential beyond the local market.

Sensyan brings decades of experience in Silicon Valley and Armenia to enable international companies with operations in Armenia to help accelerate time to value. Initially attracted by the “price for value” of Armenian tech talent, many companies face challenges in achieving the productivity and efficiency performance levels they are accustomed to when customer-facing and development teams are co-located. We believe that by addressing key contextual, experiential, cultural and basic physical (time, distance) differences, companies can significantly improve the performance and output of their Armenian teams.

For strategic and financial investors, Sensyan relies on our deep knowledge of who’s who in Armenian tech, as well as a network of expert advisors to evaluate all aspects of potential investments, enabling the investor to make confident investment decisions.

Finally, we have witnessed with pleasure the increasing sophistication of product/service ideas pursued by Armenia-based start-ups – in particular, identifying attractive white spaces and developing tighter product/market value propositions. At the same time, many young ventures can significantly improve how they present themselves and their products to customers, partners and investors. Sensyan works with ambitious start-ups to elevate their customer and investor pitches, and prepare them for the complex world of positioning, negotiating and closing these critical partnerships.

Does any of this sound interesting to you? Are you ready to sense, pursue and seize opportunities in Armenian tech? If so, please visit Sensyan at, or touch base with us at – I look forward to working together!

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