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For Operating Companies

International tech companies with established and growing presence in Armenia are continuously looking to improve the productivity and effectiveness of their Armenia-based teams. Sensyan will work closely with both HQ and Armenian teams to identify and address both challenges and opportunities of working across time zones, languages, experiences and cultures. Typical engagement objectives:

  • Enhance productivity of Armenia-based development teams - shrink time-to-market, reduce iterations due to mis-understanding requirements, increase value delivered

  • Improve communications between customer-facing and product management teams with Armenian development, QA, analytics/data science and dev ops teams

  • Upskill product management capabilities in Armenia

  • Advise on management position recruiting

For Strategic Investors

Over the past few years, high-profile investments in Armenia, and the positive impact of the Velvet Revolution of 2018, have created increased awareness of  Armenia as a growing tech-savvy economy. This has led to growing international attention on Armenia as an attractive target for technology investment, both in acquiring local talent and companies, as well as investing in new ventures. For strategic and financial investors, Sensyan can:

  • Conduct market analysis/create investment short lists

  • Perform due diligence on target investment companies

    • Product/maturity

    • Technical

    • Management team

    • Financial (in partnership with advisory firms)

  • Provide post-transaction integration advisory

For Start-Ups

The number of Armenian start-ups has grown exponentially over the past 5-7 years, primarily due to the training and development of a new generation of technologists who are more inclined to risk foregoing steady incomes at established companies to pursue their own product and venture ideas. In general, these entrepreneurs’  technical capabilities and experience are ahead of their business acumen, and Sensyan can advise on the following:

  • Conduct and/or validate Product/market fit

  • Execute iterative, customer-driven product management

  • Develop compelling external positioning materials (presentations, pitch decks, website, collateral)

  • Coach management team to be more prepared for roadshows, strategic partner meetings, conference and exhibition participation

  • Provide M&A advisory

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