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Non-Profit Practice

For international organizations operating in Armenia

A significant number of externally-funded nonprofit organizations operate in Armenia, addressing development, capacity building and impact-oriented needs through education, rural development, social impact, entrepreneurship and empowerment. Often, the greatest impact can be achieved by combining activities or partnering with local and other international organizations to focus on particular issues or communities. Sensyan assists organizations to achieve their objectives and reach beyond their current potential by fostering links with relevant actors in Armenia and beyond. Sensyan leverages its principal’s 20 years of experience in working with NGOs and nonprofit organizations operating in Armenia to steer clients towards the right local partners, and also to reach the broadest local audience with the right social media strategy. Typical engagements include:

  • Review of the organization’s current objectives, operating model and impact

  • Developing list of recommendations to improve current practices to accelerate growth, reach and impact

  • When appropriate, advise the board on executive-level recruiting by developing short-list of candidates

For Armenian organizations looking to develop partnerships and awareness in and beyond Armenia

Many nonprofits in Armenia start with a particular goal and target beneficiary audience, and develop an operating model to achieve the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. While this model works best during the start-up phase, it can often lead to a “plateau” phase, where the organization’s size and reach remain stable at a particular level, and the opportunities for growth and impact seem limited. By taking a broader view of the target beneficiary audience and other organizations operating in the same sector or communities, and in particular raising awareness locally, nationally and internationally, forward-looking organizations can develop partnerships and action plans to continue to scale impact and reach. Sensyan works with such organizations to jointly develop growth plans throughout the lifecycle of the organization or initiative. Typical engagements include:

  • Mapping other organizations’ targeting similar beneficiaries, topics or communities

  • Guided introductions with potential partners, identifying synergistic opportunities

  • Develop list of target board members and advisors who can extend the organization’s reach and influence

  • Actionable recommendations to improve awareness

  • Developing list of target influencers and “ambassadors” who can amplify an organization’s reach and impact

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